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We Elevate Your Waffle Experience


The Gadani team is committed to bringing the Hong Kong delicacy, egg waffles to the Berkeley community with a modern twist, while using our authentic recipe. We care about our customers’ waffle experience, all of our egg waffles are 100% handcrafted and freshly made. With the hope of upgrading the waffle experience, we decided to add ice cream on top of egg waffles, so that customers could experience both hot and cold textures at once. 




We Care About Our Customers


Beside waffles are crafted; our beverages consists of the finest ingredients, such as adopting the right amount of sweetness, the locally sourced ingredients. To ensure the highest quality, we sourced our tea from the local trusted farmers in Taiwan and brewed our beverages in-house with premium tea leafs.  We believe in building meaningful relationships with our suppliers and customers who care about quality as much as we do, sharing our values.



Good Vibes, simplistic and modern style at Gadani
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